i Swix VT
Digital Vortex Mixer

  • m08-1

  • Adjustable speed from 300 to 4200 RPM & timer setting

  • Digital display - Shows speed and time alternatively at every 5 secs

  • Unique programmable pulse mode function - User enabled run time and off time setting

  • 3 way switch (On/Off/Touch) with Power On LED

  • Orbital diameter of 4 mm

  • Can be used in hoods & cold rooms

  • Sticker indicator of permissible speed for various attachments

Brushless DC motor for maintenance free long life

Inbuilt counter balance (No walking issues)

Microprocessor based closed loop control for greater efficiency

Optional attachments for low speed shaking with Microplate, Microtubes & Flask

Specifications iSwix VT
Max Speed 4200 RPM
Orbital diameter 4 mm
Motor Type Brushless DC
Digital Display Yes
Dimensions (W X D X H) 205 x 136 x 138.5 mm
Speed Setting 300-4200 RPM
Timer Setting 0-999 mins (min/sec display)
Pulse mode Yes, Programmable Pulse
Max Load Capacity 500 gm
Weight 2.8 kg
Optional Attachments (not included) Universal platform for attaching either - microplate / microtube / flask Attachments

OEM request can be entertained. Specifications can be changed without notice for quality improvement.
iSwix VT
Product Name Cat # Details
iSwix VT VM-2110 EU/US/UK/AU Digital Vortex Mixer - Mac RPM of 4200
Attachment VM-A1 Universal Attachment

Part Name Cat # Details
Attachment VM-A2 Foam Attachment for Microplate
Attachment VM-A3 Rubber Attachment for Flask
Attachment VM-A4 Foam Attachment for MCT
Attachment VM-A6 Round disk attachment

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