i Swix
Vortex Mixer

  • m08-1

  • Variable speed selection - delivers upto 2800 RPM

  • 3 way switch (Touch, Continuous & Stand-by mode)

  • Brushless AC motor fitted with ball bearing

  • Orbital diameter of 4 mm

  • Visual indication marker for max speed with attachment

  • IP 21 class protection - suitable for use in hoods

Gentle press for smooth Operation

Inbuilt counter balance for stable operation (No walking issues)

Optional attachments for low speed shaking with Microplate, Microtubes & Flask

Silent operation

Specifications i Swix
Max Speed 2800 RPM
Orbital diameter 4 mm
Motor type Brushless AC
Max Load Capacity 500 gm
Speed accuracy ± 5%
Different modes Touch, Stand-by & Continuous mode Touch, Stand-by & Continuous mode
Dimensions 205 x 136 x 138.5 mm
Power Supply 220 - 240VAC, 50Hz
Ambient temperature 5 to 400C
Weight 3 kg
Optional Attachments (not included) Universal platform for attaching either microplate or microtube or flask Attachments

OEM request can be entertained. Specifications can be changed without notice for quality improvement.
Product Name Cat # Details
iSwix VM-1210 EU/US/UK/AU Analog Vortex Mixer - Max RPM of 2800
Universal Attachment VM-A1 Cup Head

Part Name Cat # Details
Attachment VM-A2 Foam Attachment for Microplate
Attachment VM-A3 Rubber Attachment for Flask
Attachment VM-A4 Foam Attachment for MCT
Attachment VM-A6 Round disk attachment

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