i Roll DR 16
Disc Rotator

  • m08-1

  • Accommodates upto 4 ESR Tubes & 12 Blood collection tubes

  • Circular rotating action gives gentle but effective mixing

  • Continuous / infinite mode of operation

  • Fix disc plate angle of 380

  • Maximum operational weight capacity of 1.5kgs

  • Compact saves bench space design

  • Protection class of IP 21

  • Easy to remove and install disc plates for replacement and cleaning.

Robust construction with strong metal from design

AC synchronous motor for noiseless operation

Fix speed of 30 RPM with an accuracy of +/-2 RPM

Specifications i Roll DR16
Capacity 16 Tubes (12 Blood Collection Tubes + 4 ESR Tubes)
Motor Type AC Synchronous
Variable Speed Fix Speed of 30 RPM
Run Time Continuous / Infinite
Speed Accuracy +/-2 RPM
Angle of Disc Plate Fix angle of 380
Noise Level Noiseless operation
Weight (Capacity) 1.5 kg
Dimension 278 x 252 x 183 mm
Protection class IP 21

OEM request can be entertained. Specifications can be changed without notice for quality improvement.
iRoll DR16
Product Name Cat # Details
iRoll DR 16 (220 V) DR01-2310 EU//UK/AU Basic Disc Rotator
Max Speed RPM
iRoll DR 16 (110 V) DR01-2310 US Basic Disc Rotator
Max Speed RPM

Part Name Cat # Details
Clamp DR01-H3 -
Front Nut DR01-N2 For tightment of disc plate
Power Adapter DR01-A1 -

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