Neuation's product design process has taken due care to incorporate and create inherent opportunities for customization of products to meet client requirements and specifications. With an in-house R & D team which develops all its products, Neuation is well poised to offer OEM opportunities to companies looking to bolster its product offering with new & innovative lab equipments.

OEM opportunities with Neuation can range from simple label change to complete grounds up product development. We are keen to partner with you to provide customized instruments and supplies to suit our product offerings and fit with your business needs.

Neuation Technologies development team is experienced in developing and producing products for specialized or OEM applications. We can deliver a complete package for differentiated OEM options to include customized packaging, private labelling and instruction manuals. Our in-house Service team can take care of all end user support and required warranty and after warranty service and repairs.

For additional information on OEM product capabilities, please contact Neuation's Product Development Department or send in a mail request titled OEM Opportunity at

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