i Stir UNO
Motorless Stirrer

  • m08-1
  • m08-2
  • m08-3

  • Motorless magnetic stirrer with very slim profile

  • No moving parts - Truly maintenance free

  • Adjustable speed from 15 to 1500 RPM in steps of 50 RPM

  • Timer range 1- 99 mins & infinite mode

  • Stirring Capacity of upto 800 ml

  • IP 65 compliant design (Water spill resistant)

  • Flat surface - Easy to wipe and clean

  • Supplied with high strength PTFE Magnetic bar (25 x 8 mm)

Microprocessor controlled with last run memory feature

Pulse mode - Reverses the direction at every 30 secs for thorough mixing

Corrosion resistant SS top surface for better chemical resistance

Slim profile & Compact design with digital display

Specifications i Stir UNO
Speed Setting 15 to 1500 RPM (at every 50 RPM)
Display Digital - shows real-time speed
Max. Capacity 800 ml
Recommended Stir bar length 25 mm
Pulse Function Yes
Timer 1 to 99 mins & infinite mode
Last run memory Yes
Dimension (W X D X H) 156 x 110 x 13.2 mm
Weight 400 gm
Protection Class IP 65 compliant design (Water spill resistant)
Standard Accessory 1 high strength stir bar

OEM request can be entertained. Specifications can be changed without notice for quality improvement.
Product Name Cat # Details
iStir UNO MS01-1111 (Interchangable Pin) Single station motorless stirrer Max speed 1500 RPM

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