i Stir Quattro 4 Station Motorless Stirrer

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  • m08-2
  • m08-3

  • Motorless magnetic stirrer with very slim profile

  • No moving parts - Truly maintenance free

  • Low aspect ratio (just 13.4 mm thick)

  • Software driven gradual acceleration

  • Adjustable speed from 15 to 1200 RPM in steps of 50 RPM

  • Timer range 1- 99 mins and infinite mode

  • Universal power supply - small wall mount adaptor

  • IP 65 Compliant design (Water spill resistant)

  • Includes 4 high strength magnetic stirrers bars (8 x 25 mm)

Microprocessor controlled with last run memory feature

Pulse mode - Reverses the direction at every 30 secs for thorough mixing

Corrosion resistant SS top surface for better chemical resistance

Digital display with soft touch keypad for easy reading of parameters

Specifications i Stir Quattro
Speed Setting 15 to 1200 RPM (at every 50 RPM)
Digital Display Yes
Load Capacity 4 x 400 ml
Recommended Stir bar length 25 mm
Pulse Function Yes
Timer 1 to 99 mins and continuous
Last run memory Yes
Dimension (W X D X H) 457 x 126 x 13.4 mm
Weight 1.9 kg
Protection Class IP 65 compliant design (Water spill resistant)

OEM request can be entertained. Specifications can be changed without notice for quality improvement.
Product Name Cat # Details
iStir Quattro MS01-4110EU/US/UK/AU 4 station motorless stirrer Max speed 1500 RPM

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