i Stir HP 550
Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrer

  • m08-1

  • Powerful BLDC motor delivers constant speed under varying load conditions.

  • Robust nanocyrstalline glass cermaic top for resistant to liquid splash & temperature shocks

  • Variable speed setting from 200 to 2200 RPM in step fo 10 RPM & Long timer range from 1-999 mins & infinite mode

  • Optional PT-1000 temperature probe to accurately measure temperature of medium

  • Optional remote pendent

3 Heating Modes

Slow heating with high accuracy

Fast heating with overshoot & high accuracy

Rapid Heating with Overshoot

Unique Design: Electronic circuit is uniquely positioned
to ensure there is no damage to electrical circuit in case of liquid spillage

Auto Restart : Hot Plate Stirrer resumes operation after power failure or error condition

Lock Mode: This feature locks down the complete keypad functions after the user has set the parameters

No toggle display: Critical parameters are displayed without any toggle to ease the monitoring of operation

Slip detection mode: In case of stir bar slippage, equipment reduces the operating RPM so as to avoid damage to vessel and stir bar
Specifications i Stir HP 550
Capacity 20 Liters
Heat Temperature Range Ambient to 5500 C
Motor Type BLDC
Set-up plate material Nano crystalline glass ceramic
Variable Speed 200-2200 RPM in steps of 10/- RPM
Run Time 1-999 mins & infinite
Programmable Mode Yes. User can set and save upto 99 user defined programs (protocols)
Pulse Mode Programmable Pulse mode - User can set time from 30 to 99 secs
Set-up plate dimensions (mm) 180 x 180 mm
Weight 5.4 kg
Dimension (mm) 220 x 330 x 115
Protection class IP 21

OEM request can be entertained. Specifications can be changed without notice for quality improvement.
iStir HP 550
Product Name Cat # Details
iStir HP 550 (220 V) HS20-1001 EU/UK/AU Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrer - 220V, Max Temp 5500C
iStir HP 550 (110 V) HS 10-1001 US Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrer - 110V, Max Temp 5500C

Part Name Cat # Details
PT 1000 Probe HS-T1 Temperature sensing probe for HP 550 / HP350
Stir Bar HS-S1 Stand and Boss Head for HP 550 / HP 350
Stand with boss head HS-B1 Stir Bar

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