i Fuge HCT
Hematocrit Centrifuge

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  • Precise RPM setting from 500 to 12000 RPM with least count of 100 RPM

  • Lid lock safety : Lid releases automatically after run completion

  • Timer setting upto 12 minutes

  • RPM & RCF toggles alternatively on the display during operation

  • Large LCD display for easy setting and reading multiple parameters

  • PRESET feature : In this feature user can set favorite mode where Speed (RPM) and Time can be changed.

  • Small footprint saves valuable bench space

Brushless DC motor for maintenance free long life

Microprocessor controller for accurate speed under variable load

Digital Display for easy reading of set parameters

Automatic imbalance detection for safe operation

Specifications i Fuge HCT
Rotor Capacity 24 x 45 / 75 mm length capillary tubes
Max RPM / RCF 12000 RPM / 14119g
Motor Type Brushless DC
Display Large back-lit LCD Display
Speed Setting 500-12000 RPM in steps of 100RPM
Timer Setting Upto 12 mins
Preset Feature User can set parameters beforehand to faclititate use
Rotor HCT rotor with Screw on Lid (for better contamination protection)
Weight of Equipment 5 kg (without Rotor)
Dimension ( LxWxH) 363 x 301 x 105 mm

OEM request can be entertained. Specifications can be changed without notice for quality improvement.
i Fuge HCT
Product Name Cat # Details
Hematocrit Centrifuge HC01 - 1110 EU/US/UK/AU Hematocrit Centrifuge - Max RPM 12000

Part Name Cat #
Power Supply Adapter HC01 - HC A -
Allen Key HC01 - C For rotor fitment
Acrylic lid for Rotor HC01 - MPC - HRL -
Gasket for HCT rotor HC01 - MPC - HRG -
Rotor Nut HC01 - RN -
Reader Card HC01-RC -

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