i Fuge D06
Doctor Centrifuge

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  • Precise RPM setting from 500 to 6500 RPM with least count of 100 RPM

  • Lid lock safety - Lid releases (automatically) after run completion

  • Timer setting from 1 to 30 minutes & infinite mode

  • Smart airflow design ensures quiet operation and low temperature rise

Brushless DC motor for maintenance free long life

Automatic imbalance detection for safe operation

Microprocessor Controlled Centrifuge with large digital display

Accommodates most common collection tubes - comes with adaptors for 5 ml, 7 ml & 1.5 / 2 ml tubes
Specifications i Fuge D06
Fixed Angle Rotor (Optional Rotors) 6x15 ml(Autoclavable) - 3684g
8x15 ml( Autoclavable - 3873g
Max RPM 6500
Motor Type Brushless DC
Speed Setting 500 to 6500 RPM
Timer Setting 1 to 30 mins & infinite mode
Lid Lock Safety Yes
Noise Level < 60 dB
Imbalance Detection Yes
Dimensions (W x D x H) 260 x 244 x 205 mm
Weight 4 kg
Adaptors (included in standard pack) Chosen rotor with (adaptors for 5, 7 ml & 1.5/2 ml tubes -takes most standard blood collection tubes)

OEM request can be entertained. Specifications can be changed without notice for quality improvement.
iFuge D06
Product Name Cat # Details
iFuge D06 D06-2111 EU/US/UK/AU Doctor Centrifuge 6500 RPM / 3684 x g for 6 (autoclavable) x 15 ml
iFuge D06 D06-3111 EU/US/UK/AU Doctor Centrifuge 6500 RPM / 3873 x g for 8 (autoclavable) x 15 ml

Part Name Cat # Details
6 Tube SS Rotor set D06-6A Autoclavable 6 Tube Rotor set
8 Tube SS Rotor set D06-8A Autoclavable 8 Tube Rotor set
Reduction Adaptors D06-RA Reduction Adaptor (1 unit) x Quantity
Allen Key D06-C Allen Key for Rotor change
Power Adaptor D06-F-EU/UK/US/AU Power Adaptor with specific pin type
Power Cable C-EU/UK/US/AU Only Power cable with specific Pin type
Rotor Nut D06-RN Rotor Nut for rotor fixing
Tube Holder SS D06-SSH SS Tube holder (1 unit) x Quantity

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