i Fuge C4000
Clinical Centrifuge

  • m08-1
  • m08-2
  • m08-3
  • m08-4

  • Precise RPM setting from 500 to 4000 RPM with least count of 10 RPM

  • Lid lock safety - Lid releases (automatically) after run completion

  • Timer setting from 1-999 minutes & infinite mode

  • Programming Features: User can save and run upto 99 defined programs (protocols)

  • One touch short spin operation and change over from RPM to RCF

  • Compact design with low loading height for easy operation

Rotor No Rotor Type Capacity Max RCF (x g)
1 Swing out 6 x 10 ml 2270
2 Fixed Angle 8 x 15 ml 1950
3 Fixed Angle 16 x 10 ml 2180

Brushless DC motor for maintenance free long life

Digital display for ease of reading the parameters

Automatic imbalance detection for safe operation

Microprocessor controller for accurate speed under variable load

Single instrument with option of selecting 3 rotors

Specifications i Fuge C4000
Optional Rotors 6 x 10ml (Swing) / 8 x 15 (Fixed Angle) / 16 x 10 ml (Fixed Angle)
Max RPM/RCF (xg) 4000 RPM / 2270g varies as per rotor
Motor Type Brushless DC
Display Digital Display
Speed Setting 500-4000 RPM in steps of 10RPM
Timer Setting 1-999 mins & infinite mode
Programmable Feature User can set and save upto 99 user defined programs (protocols)
Lid Lock Safety Yes
Imbalance Detection Yes
Weight of Equipment 7.7 kg (without Rotor)
Dimension (LxWxH) 415 x 355 x 173 mm

OEM request can be entertained. Specifications can be changed without notice for quality improvement.
iFuge C4000
Product Name Cat # Details
iFuge C4000 C01-1110-EU/UK/US/AUs Clinical Centrifuge 4000 RPM /2270 x g, for 6 x 10 ml tubes (Swing rotor) with specified pin type
iFuge C4000 C01-1111-EU/UK/US/AU Clinical Centrifuge 4000 RPM / 1950 x g, for 8 x 15 ml tubes (Fixed Angle) with specified pin type
iFuge C4000 C01-1112-EU/UK/US/AU Clinical Centrifuge 4000 RPM / 2180 x g, for 16 x 10 ml tubes (Fixed Angle) with specified pin type

Part Name Cat # Details
6 Slot Rotor C01-RS06 6 x 10 ml Swing Out Rotor
8 Slot Rotor C01-RA08 8 x 15 mlFixed Angle Rotor
16 Slot Rotor C01-RA16 16 x 10 ml Fixed Angle Rotor
Swing rotor tube holder (10 ml) Adaptors C01-SH10 Tube holder for 10ml Tube for Swing rotor (1 unit) x Quantity
Sleeve for 6 ml tube C01-SL6 Sleeve for using 6 ml tube in SH10 (1 unit) x Quantity
Swing rotor tube holder (3/4 ml) Adaptors for 3 / 4 ml C01-SH3 Tube holder for 3/4ml Tube for Swing rotor (1 unit) x Quantity
Power Adaptor CL01-PA-EU/UK/US/AU Power Adaptor with specific pin type
Power Cable C-EU/UK/US/AU Only Power cable with specific Pin type
Allen Key C01-C Allen key For Rotor fitment

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