Neuation follows ISO 9001: 2015 management systems is an ISO 13485: 2003 certified lab equipment manufacturing enterprise click here to see certificate. All products shown on this website are developed & manufactured by Neuation at its facilities in India. The products are of international standards and comply with internationally accepted CE standards.

   The Neuation Advantage

Wide Range of Next Generation Lab Equipments

Neuation products are designed and developed by it own R & D team employing a User Centric Design Process to develop the range of Next gen bench-top lab equipments. The products are designed with extreme attention to detailing, user interface and quality. Features are carefully layered into the design to allow users to meet demanding work place requirements with ease.

With Design, Development & Production all integrated into a single facility (in-house R & D and production) Neuation enjoys the advantage of excellent control on product quality as well as flexibility to offer differentiated OEM services.

With 1st in the segment features like remote operation via USB, programming features & the facility to save operation data - the products bring an value add which is not seen before. Apart from Centrifuges, Neuation is offering other bench-top Lab equipments like Microplate Shakers, Vortex Mixers, Magnetic Stirrers etc & will continue to expand its product offerings by developing newer products with advanced features to help its customers meet the demanding Research needs as they evolve.

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Functional and Aesthetic Design

User Research, Product Research & Technology Research are the important start-points for each product designed at Neuation - this applies in totality to the entire range of products from Neuation. The products have superior functionality - as compared to the best in class which means more features in the same package and functionality is well accompanied with Aesthetics.

  • Leverage the power of Microprocessors in our Micro Centrifuges

  • Awe inspiring design of the Ultra slim Magnetic Stirrer and the iFuge M12P Micro centrifuge

  • Experience the convenience of the intuitive user interface on Neuation products


All Neuation products have been designed for maximum safety - for the work at hand, property and life. Various features are built-in to deliver the extra safety needed as you go about your complex research work.

  • Low voltage devices - Imbalance detection & with cut off & Lid lock in Centrifuges - Counter balance in Vortex & shakers - IP class protection in Stirrers etc

  • High speed rotors made of Al. and screw on Al lids for better contamination protection & autoclave able.

Ease of use (Intuitive)

With large displays, important direct access buttons and knobs the managing operating parameters is an effortless job. Simple interace means that user can intuitively manage all the variables in Research.

  • Last run memory in most devices

  • In larger centrifuges the large back-lit displays, show multiple parameters at a time

  • Remote operation allows convenience ot set programs & run pre-sets at a click of the mouse.


Our focus on materials and technology has ensured we have identified / developed the best (and most silent) motors for our products. Products are designed for negligible disruptive noise in the laboratory.

  • Experience whisper quiet operation in the Personal centrifuge models - smart airflow design helps reduce the noise in high speed centrifuges

  • Vortexers with minimal motor noise

  • Motorless stirrers for silent mixing in the lab


Neuation products and designed to deliver high speed to cover more lab protocols in single instrument.

  • Personal Plate shakers and Motorless stirrer delivers upto 1500 rpm

  • Powerful Vortexers deliver upto 4500 rpm

  • Table top centrifuges delivering upto 18300 x g.

Space Efficiency

Neuation products can fit in a crowded bench with ease - most Neuation products are designed with optimum dimensions & helps save space on the Lab bench.

  • Plate shaker with dimenstions just as much as the Micro plate itself

  • Ultra slim magnetic stirrer with low aspect raiotn (just 12 mm in thickness)

  • 100 mm dia is all it takes to deliver a storm with 4500 rpm on the Mine Vortexer

  • M18P delivers 18300 g in a tiny footprint - the iFuge M24PR is a low footprint Refrgerated Micro centrifuge

Wide Range

Neuation already covers a wide range of bench-top laboratory equipments ranging from a Mini vortex mixer to large Lab centrifuge in different variants. Going forward Neuation shall keep adding more and more exciting products to the portfolio with newer and better features to better serve the Laboratory domain with its high quality products.

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